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A chapter-based Nautical Weird Fiction Adventure with management elements, inspired by Lovecraftian myths and the endless narrative possibilities and exploration of Fallen London and Sunless Sea.

For our main protagonist it must be a puzzling experience at best but it doesn't have to be for you. Here are some of the things you shall experience in Seafarer Wallows:

  • Be a captain of a floating private investigation bureauCollect a variety of bizarre and outrageous inhabitants along the way.
  • Explore a world filled with unique locations, discover the mystery and the lore behind them, meet intriguing characters.
  • Your time is precious so you decide how to play. Take the story in slowly or all-at-once. Each chapter is designed to be accomplished in 15 minutes or more
  • 3+ Playable Adventures with 3 chapters each and more to come!
  • Narrative Choices based on influence node system.
  • Multiple Endings based on your in-game choices and relationships.
  • Unique Dynamic Soundtrack made by a very special person.
  • Fully Voiced with an active narrator and subtitle options.

Gentleman's Reminder: Seafarer Wallows is being made thanks to our generous tribe members on Patreon.  $10+ tier Patrons receive our games for free as they are released with feature voting and goodies included!

10% of itch.io purchase goes to the platform to support their effort in helping indie developers. 90% goes to Cyberhippie Collective enabling our game studio and live workspace for game lovers and makers.

When released the experience will be available for PC and Mac with other platforms coming after that. Made with Construct 3 and Affinity Designer and a horrendous pile of notes.

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Tim Moth (mothnode): Explorer of traditional and emergent narration applied and used with creative technology in filmmaking, virtual worlds and digital art. Multispecialist, indie gem promoter, community-builder. Hitech creative and multipotentialite dabbling in a variety of fields.

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